Could the Ottawa Senators Trade for Eichel or Reinhart?

The Buffalo Sabres are a team in turmoil. They are once again looking to rebuild by trading away star centers Jack Eichel and Sam Reinhart, so could the Ottawa Senators be a trade partner for either player?

Is it realistic to trade for Jack Eichel?

Trading for Eichel will not be easy for any team. He is a borderline top 10 player in the league and a bonafide number one center.

On top of that, he’s only 24 and has five years remaining on his contract. The reported ask from the Sabres is a 2021 first-round pick, a high-level roster player, and an A-level prospect.

For the Sens to pull off a deal for Eichel, they will need to trade their first-round pick this year. They will also need to give up one of Norris or Stützle.

The Sabres will have plenty of offers, and it seems unlikely that they will be tempted by players like Brannstrom, Logan Brown, Pinto, or Formenton. So, let’s say the Sens offer Norris, that will not be enough to get the deal done.

They will probably need to add another member of the aforementioned group, as well as another first or second-round pick. For argument’s sake, we can say the offer would be the Sens 2021 and 2022 first-round picks, Josh Norris, and Shane Pinto.

Offering all of those pieces to the Sabres is dangerous, but it could be worth it. After all, the Sens weakest point in their rebuild is the number one center position.

However, you run the risk of giving up a high draft pick next season if they do not make the playoffs, and we don’t want a repeat of the Duchene trade.

Additionally, with how much other teams might be willing to offer for Eichel, that might be enough. So, while trading for him would be exciting, the Sens need to figure out what their limit is and not cross it.

Sam Reinhart Could be a Good Fit

While Reinhart is not on the same level as Eichel, he could be a better fit for the Sens. He’s only 25, and he had an incredible finish to the season. He’s also an RFA, so the Sens could do a sign and trade to lock him up long-term.

The best part about trading for Reinhart is that he can form a 1A 1B center duo with Norris. Additionally, it will not take nearly as much to trade for him.

To acquire Reinhart, the Sens will definitely need to give up their first-round pick this year, but they probably will not need to give up too many other major pieces. They could offer the first-round pick, Logan Brown, Alex Formenton, and a second-round pick.

That would probably be enough to bring him over. As much as the fanbase loves Formenton, giving him up would be worth it for Reinhart.

As for the other pieces, they are all maybes at best. So, if the Sens could acquire Reinhart for that package, I think it would be worth it for them to do it.

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